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  • Why your “beginner” skills are your key advantage to getting paid as a portrait photographer
  • ​ How to use a totally free tool you already have that will instantly make your photos look amazing
  • The one thing you should do in every session that other photographers don’t…this guarantees people are excited to see their images and value your skills more  
  • ​What the “professionals” don’t want you to know that will save you a ton of money and time
  • To make money by taking photos of people or pets (this is not for you if you’re interested in landscape, weddings, or other types of photography.) 
  • To improve your photography skills because you’re not formally trained and don’t have a photography degree or a ton of experience.
  • To feel like more like a pro and less of a beginner - so you KNOW what you’re doing instead of guessing
  • Hone your skills now so you’re ready to go all in on your side hustle when the busy Fall portrait season gets here.

“Why should I stop what I'm doing with my kids this summer and sign up for this training?”

Summer’s the perfect time to hone your photography skills because

  • More Daylight: Longer days mean more natural light to practice and perfect your photography techniques.                     
  • Practice with Family: With the kids at home, you’ve got willing subjects to practice on and boost your skills.                     
  • Great Weather: Means more chances for outdoor photo sessions, giving you plenty of different settings to try out.             
  • Everything is blooming: With green bushes and flowers everywhere, summer’s the perfect time for eye-catching photos. No dead trees or snow to worry about!                                
  • ​Flexible Schedule: The relaxed pace of summer gives you more free time to hone your skills (think no school lunches, homework, or after-school activities to juggle)

Founder of Photography Business Institute

Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m the momma-in-chief of 3 kiddos, a Central Illinois local (yes, I live in the middle of a cornfield), and the founder of the Photography Business Institute.

After working as a marketing professional for 9 years and climbing the corporate ladder, I burned out. I had newborn twins (busy mamas, I see you!). And I decided something had to give if I wanted to spend more time with my young family…

I always loved photography and thought “What if I could make money as a photographer?”

I opened my first photography business just 2 weeks BEFORE September 11 when my twins were not even a year old–-and it was a BUMPY road.

I wasn’t formally trained in photography (I had an MBA!)

I had ZERO professional experience.

I didn’t have fancy gear.
All I had was passion and the drive to make extra income and be more present with my family.

After making every mistake in the book and fixing my broken, hot mess of a business, the Professional Photographers of America named me one of THE most profitable photographers in the United States.

I’ve managed to use my camera to get through debt, the housing market crash, the pandemic, and putting 3 kids through school… and so can YOU!

Today, I’m still photographing portraits in the cornfields of Illinois—and since my kids are now grown, I’m able to spend my free time teaching parents, like you, through coaching I do at the Photography Business Institute. 

Here we show you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to balancing family life with running a PROFITABLE photography business AND giving back to our communities.

Hop into this one-time-only FREE training and let me show you how you can start your photography side hustle, even if you don’t have formal training, experience or fancy gear.

All you need is a little creativity + your camera.
Photographer & Founder of the Photography Business Institute
Join My FREE 60-minute Training on Thursday, June 27 at Noon CST. 

That’s 1 PM ET, 11 AM MT, 10 AM PT.

What makes us different from other schools? 

It comes down to three things:

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